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    My Moon Over Soho book arrived a couple of days ago, so I finally managed to read Midnight Riot, finished yesterday.

    I liked it quite a bit, though it was a bit different than I was expecting. It's heavy in the procedural aspect, a bit slow with the pace, but very well written and attention to detail, particularly as it regards the city of London and it's history, as well as the police structure.

    I'm not so sure if a British Dresden Files really fits to describe this book, and I can't say in all honesty that if you like the Dresden Files then this would be an automatic read for you. I thought them different enough. Harry is to Urban Fantasy what Jack Bauer is to action tv, and I don't see Peter Grant built in that mold.

    And certainly, the comedy is different.

    But enough of comparisons, I thought it was very well written, and Peter Grant a very likable character, I do hope he gains a bit more of personality as we go further. Main complaint is that it seems that the book at times falters a bit in narrative energy, and the plot gets a distracted a times. I did like how they use magic here though, looking forward to see how the aspect develops. I thought it a bit too dry in the dramatic/emotional department at times, but no biggie for me.

    Started Moon Over Soho this morning, and so far so good. It picks up not long after the end of Midnight Riot/Rivers of London. Any of you started/read Moon Over Soho yet?
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