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    March 2011 SF Nominations

    Hi all,

    The Dune discussion seems to be moving along, and we already have selected Stranger in a Strange Land as our February book, so let's get some nominations going for a March discussion book.


    1. Everyone can nominate one book and second a reasonably small number of other books.
    2. Books must be available new in US and UK (I just check the two Amazons for this). They should also be in a format other than hardcover, so as to keep costs down.
    3. Books must be standalone or book 1 in a series (usually not a problem in SF).
    4. They can't have been book club books before. The list of previous discussions can be found here.

    Let's hear some nominations. I'd like to leave this up no longer than a week and then put it to a vote (assuming we have enough nominations with seconds, thirds, etc, for that) so that we can have the book selected by the beginning of February. So get those nominations in by the 23rd.
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