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    1960's novel- utopia lost, then regained by young kid.

    OK, I read this one about 1967 I guess, it was juvenile fiction I suppose. There is this kid, who lives on a nicer planet that ours. In the evening the people go out to watch the sun set, & see the stars & etc..
    Then something happens to the boy, and he is trans substantiated off to USA circa 1960s. More of a rural setting, not "the sixties" of popular culture. He is taken in by a kind family, but not before somehow running afoul of some assholes.
    Anyway, the good guy/bad guy situation progresses to some climax I know longer recall, and ultimately the boy and his adopted family get re trans substantiated back to the groovy planet with the sunsets.
    Any ideas?

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    Great book!

    Alexander Key's The Forgotten Door. Terrific juvenile sf author - he also wrote Escape to Witch Mountain and The Magic Meadow. The Forgotten Door is the only one of his many books in print now I think.

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    Thanks so much, I think you are right, this very likely is the book. They do have a few more of his at amazon, but I think I will try the library tomorrow and see what they may have.

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