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    Quote Originally Posted by upperhi View Post
    Forgot, recently read "into the Storm" by Taylor Anderson. Beleagered destroyer in WWII pacific battle with Japanese, escapes by steering into a storm and comes out in another reality with dinosaurs.
    That is an excellent series though the dinosaur bit is not really a primary story line, at least not directly. While the Grik are obviously descended from dinos they are a clearly defined society (granted a viscous one).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zillarian View Post
    I always liked Harry Turtledove's stuff as well as S.M. Stirling's Marching through Georgia and the rest of his Draka series
    I liked Stirling's Draka stuff too. Stirling doesnt seem too well liked on here, but the stuff is fun end engaging.

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    If you like Alt History stories, take a look at, "the Company of the Dead", By David J Kowalski

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    Gemmell's Troy series is often remarked upon as his best work. However, I've not read it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArtNJ View Post
    I liked Stirling's Draka stuff too. Stirling doesnt seem too well liked on here, but the stuff is fun end engaging.
    I think Stirling's the best! Though his recent stuff (the Nantucket and Emberverse series) is more "Alternate reality" than "Alternate History" though I suppose I'm splitting hairs. Still very good though!

    Others in this type of genre that I like are:

    John Birmingham's World War 2 series starting with Weapons of Choice where a slightly futuristic international task force is plopped literally in the middle of World War 2 due to a bizarre physics experiment gone arwy.
    His Without Warning series is also very good (the final volume has just come out).

    Harry Turtledove is usually pretty reliable. His Worldwarseries about a massive alien invasion in the midst of the Second World War is excellent...just don't read the sequels (i.e. Coloniztion seires). Unlike some others, I did like the Greatwar series and [B]Guns of the South[B]was among his best. His more recent stuff though has been disappointing.

    Eric Flint's "Ring of Fire" series is also good; particularly the main story threads that he and David Weber write. Some of the perepheral stuff written by others is pretty hit and miss.

    I'll have to try some of the other recommendations here. I really enjoy this type of writing as I'm kind of a history nut. I would say the more you know about history the more this genre will have appeal.

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    I'm a big Card fan, and I love certain aspects of the Alvin Maker series. However, the series is still a big disappointment for me. It just seems hastily cobbled together. Lots of good ideas, but not much closure or continuity. He starts plot lines or gets you thinking about things and never follows through.

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    Someone mentioned Roma Eterna. This looks interesting but has some fairly mixed reviews. Anybody else want to chime in on this one?

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