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    Looking for a certain type of sci-fi book

    Looking for a sci-fi type book....

    Read Contact, almost done with Stranger In A Strange Land.... want something else though

    Any serious sci-fi book where Earthlings finally make contact with an alien race, on a different planet and then integrate into this alien society?

    Something like that...

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    Octavia Butler's Xenogenesis trilogy is about genetic integration with aliens, but it happens on Earth in a post apocalyptic environment.

    Zenna Henderson's stories of The People are about a human looking race of aliens debating the value of integration with humanity and isolationism, but that's on Earth too. Some of the stories are great, but most are repetitive.

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    The Mote in God's Eye by Niven/Pournelle is a classic alien contact. It is my all time favorite SF book. I didn't really care much for the sequel.

    It presents a very original alien species and quite a delema for the humans.


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    Spin by Robert Charles Wilson, which I have read is a good modern example of the first contact novel.

    I have also heard that Blindsight by Peter Watts is another good first contact novel. I haven't read it, but I plant to soon.

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