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    Your Favourite Book [Spoiler free]

    I was always a generic reader before GRRM, reading LOTR and Harry Potter, Sin City and mostly comics. However since being handed A Game of Thrones I fell in love with the fantasy world, finishing the current crop of ASOIAF books, The Broken Empire Trilogy and I have started into Sanderson's Elantris. On a non literature note, I LOVE the TV show but the books enrich the experience in a way that the adaptation never could. Although since it's mostly filmed on my back door, I still have such an affinity for it!

    What's your favourite ASOIAF book, or GRRM book? Mine is:

    1) A Storm of Swords
    2) A Game of Thrones
    3) A Clash of Kings
    4) A Dance with Dragons
    5) The Hedge Knight
    6) Tuf Voyaging
    7) A Feast for Crows

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nathan Houston View Post
    What's your favourite...GRRM book?
    Not strictly GRRM, but Hunter's Run.

    But, yeah, I guess of the Ice and Fire series...oh...that's a hard one. I guess, the one where Rob dies at his wedding and Jon gets sent to the wall. Which one was that? Am I mixing books?

    Dang, I can't remember. I guess it is time for a re-read...

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