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    book starts with the uncle finding his.nephew indentured/slave at an inn

    I might be mixing up my books but this is what I remember. The book startss with kid as a slave at an inn. He is treated terribly and his girlfriend is killed by the man who owns the inn. Then comes along the uncle whoop thinks that the boy might be his long lost nephew who he's been searching for some the boys parents had died from an attack on their caravan. Later they are mercenaries in the story and he's grown up and is part of his clan where they wear their hair long in braids and wear kilts. A little later on the uncle dies and the ceremony when one in their clan dies is to wrap the heart up and bring back to the family. If this sounds familiar to anyone please let me know. Thank you!

    . Written from my phone apologize for really jumpy writing

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    Sounds like the Ann Marston Rune Blade series. The first book Kingmaker's Sword.

    Rune Blade series:
    Kingmaker's Sword - The Western King - Broken Blade

    Sword in Exile series:
    Cloudbearer's Shadow - King of Shadows - Sword and Shadow

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