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    Just finished dune ,but what to read next ?

    Just finished the last book : dune 6 (well hopefully not the very last , but for now) , greath books ,all of em , the ending is not very good, it leaves to many questions open , but i gues that will clear up when they bring dune 7 out =)

    It was my first sience fiction book and i like to read more , but i dont know where to look , sooo

    ... my question is what is a good book for some1 that like dune alot dune ?
    (sience fiction ofcourse)

    Greetz , EL =)

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    Try another Frank Herbert book - The Santagora Barrier. Its a quite similar to Dune in that it deals another addictive substance like spice.

    It is the best of Herbert's non Dune books.

    Or see if can find the National Lampoon's parody of Dune - Doon. It is very funny.

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    Colony by Rob Grant... exact opposite of Dune... may as well learn the broad range of SF straight off.

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    You might like The Dosadi Experiment and The Whipping Star by Herbert - these are great books (almost everything by Herbert is very good. There are some exceptions, of course. The ominous The Eyes of Heisenberg for example).
    Since you think that the Dune Chronicles is a great sequence, you can try with David Zindell's Neverness novels or Simmons' Hyperion Cantos.
    Try something by Robert Silverberg also. He has written many lovely novels - Dying Inside, The Face of the Waters, At Winter's End, Tom O'Bedlam, the Majipoor novels, The World Inside, Nightwings... I can go on forever. He's truly amazing.

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    Personally i would recommend steering well clear of Zindell. i found his work VERY poor. Just me of course, but i have very rarely been so disappointed by a book as i was by his.

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