1. I was the first person to come to ChrisW's defense. I came to respect Chris and for a time was even going to contribute to his blog.
2. I was not banned the first time. I left and requested my account be closed. Make no mistake while sffworld could ban 3rdI, they could never keep me off of this forum if I wanted to be here. They could ban a thousand different IP addresses, entire IP Ranges, and it would make no difference. However because I have a great deal of respect for Mark and Dag and because I am not some foolish child if they decided to ban me I would respect that and I would not return.
3. What is relevant however is that it seems I have disrupted the experience of another member in such a manner as to make that member want to leave. I am not so cold a bastard as to not feel bad about that. Therefore I will not log in again.

Obtuse please return.

I have made some friends here that I think are quality people. Those people know who they are. If any of you would like to stay in touch pm me your email address. I will check my PM's periodically today and after that I will request Mark to close my account.