Well, it's my turn to ask for help. For a few years I've been searching for a book that I read as a teen. The book was part of my junior high or high school library. It would have been in the middle 1970's, plus or minus a year or two.

I thought the name of the book was Dimension Alpha, however I haven't been able to get any (good) results from internet searches using that title.

The book was about a person (male) that traveled to another dimension called Alpha (if I recall correctly). The world he arrived on was a desert world inhabited by intelligent beings that had skin like leather. I believe it was like leather plates. It was deadly for them to get their skin wet, therefore they had to avoid rain. The person became friends with one of the worlds inhabitants and they had some type of adventure.

I know that's not a lot of information, but I hope it sounds familiar to someone.