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    I agree that AFFC is good, but let's keep this thread on topic: First-time reader's thoughts of Book 1.

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    I'm on book two now. It started out interesting. I like Melisandre, but these books just move soooooooo slowly. It feels like nothing is happening at all, and the stuff with Bran especially is quite boring and seems so unncessary.

    My goal is to get through book 2 by the time season 2 of the tv show starts. I have a year, and at the rate I am going I just may finish it by then.

    But then book one was really only good for the last few chapters, maybe for book 2 its the same only the good chapters were in the beginning. The little bit with Cersei I've read was good.

    I'm still reading book two and its getting interesting again. My reading experience has been so up and down, but I do have several characters that I like though, and it is an interesting world. its just that there is so much of it. It feels like too much. But I'm going to keep reading because I know there is some great stuff in here.
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    Just read book 1 this weekend, never watched the TV stuff. I'm not much of a political intrigue fan but he has built up the characters very well and the book is well written. For such a long book it does not seem much happened in it besides buildup. Lots of different stories in book 1 that are being developed, perhaps to many in my opinion. I've barely started book 2 and am sure I will finish it but right now I highly doubt I will finish all the books as I prefer a less convoluted storyline. I have no clue what happens in book 2 as I've stayed away from spoilers so my thoughts may change by the time I have finished it.

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    Bringing this back a little as I've just started the series.

    I'm about 170 pages in and I think watching the show beforehand has kinda helped me. I know roughly how certain scenes are going to play out, and I know who certain characters are - in other words, the show has helped me be able to keep track of most of the different characters. I see names here and there and can't quite remember if they're in the show, but it won't really matter in the long run anyway.

    That said... (semi-spoiler-not-quite-things ahead)
    I'm finding the differences between the show and book characters quite interesting. A lot of the book characters are a lot darker and more brutal than in the show, even this early into the books. Catelyn, for example. She's fairly accepting of Jon in the show, to a point anyway, but in the book she's pretty much out-and-out hostile to him.

    On top of that, I think the book answers questions the show didn't, and sooner. Oh, but I do think the show did one thing better - the ages. Some of the characters in the book seem just a bit too young, and when you consider certain scenes the show's age-increase does work a bit better.

    That scene with Drogo and Daenerys. In the show it's a fairly simple rape-ish scene, but the age increase made that coupling less... um... icky. In the book, it's a bit better in that Drogo is MUCH gentler with her... and then you remember he's basically sexually assaulting a 13 year old girl, even if she does 'accept' it

    Still hate Chinfluff, though. And Tyrion is still awesome.

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