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    Cylinder World

    George RR Martin's series "A Game of Thrones" is about to be shown on Showtime. Have any of you bothered to point out the physical impossibilities of his world? Winter every - how many? - years? 11? Yet the planet (if it is a planet) is orbiting a single sun.

    GRRM insults the intelligence of his readers (soon to be viewers) on a scale w/o precedent.

    Perhaps for that he should be congratulated.

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    There is a certain irony in the existence of threads pointing out the unrealistic elements in fantasy novels.

    However, wrt GRRM, one might argue that extra long seasons are possible depending on the orbital period, daylength, angle of the ecliptic, polar procession etc. Or that a bunch of medieval Borgia-likes probably don't know much about working out an astronomical year with any accuracy, and the meaning of year is only an approximation of the terrestrial meaning. Or, in fact that "year" in the context of these books is simply a device to provide a timescale, and the author may not give a wet slap about astronomical inconsistencies. Or even that there is an as yet unexplained short-period ice-age/warm cycle in this particular fantasy world which works despite astronomical year measurements of atomic accuracy. Perhaps magic is involved.

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