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    Loved the first episode. The only change that bothered me was the last scene with Bran/Jamie/Cersie. I think it was done better in the book. Can't see a reason why they would change it. All the other minor changes I didn't mind one bit. My only real disappointment is the seven day wait until episode two.

    Imo HBO has a winner here. So the next question is whens the announcement for season two.

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    Just finished the first episode (DVRed so I could watch after work) and am absolutely hooked. While I agree there are certain things lacking that were more prominent in the book, I tried to compare it to the LotR movie adaptations to my roommates: these books are 800-1200 pages long, so there is just simply not enough time to have every scene, nor would we necessarily want to see every scene in motion. So far, being only one episode, I think they have done a great job introducing the characters we've met. I also tried to explain to my roommates just the shear epic-ness factor for someone like myself, again relating it to LotR (they are big fans of Tolkein): When you spend so much time in a novel and see it brought to motion on the screen, and it doesn't straight up suck, it's a pretty amazing thing.

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    Some pretty awful sex scenes push it towards TRUE BLOOD territory, not helped by the ambiguity of the Drogo-Dany relationship not being handled as sensitively as in the book, leading to some uncomfortable moments.
    I was afraid of this. I love HBO but they do tend to pander. They have bills to pay, I suppose.

    I liked the "kitchen sink" look of the first episode. Everything looked "lived in". Fresh and flashy can be visually appealing, but it wouldn't fit.

    Dany's wedding and the wedding night were disappointing. Anyone who didn't read the book wouldn't know that the horse was Drogo's gift, and that Dany loved to ride. We didn't get to hear her say "You gave me the wind". We didn't see him treat her gently, as even a barbarian king would treat his queen. Assuming they'll stick to the book and have Dany come to love him, they've got a lot of writing to do to make it believable.

    Loved the look of the Wall, loved Tyrion, Jaime, and Arya. Was kinda "meh" on the rest, mostly because I've just re-read the book and nothing was new.

    I'm really interested to see what people think who haven't read the book.

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    I watched the premiere with my dad a little bit ago (he hasn't read the books and is completely not interested in fantasy at all) and he liked it a lot. I did have to explain some stuff to him, like the difference between "White Walkers" and the little zombie girl at the beginning. He was a little confused as to who some of the characters were and how they related to each other, but having me there helped a lot. He said he'd definitely watch the rest of the episodes.

    That makes me happy. Like I said, my dad is not a fan of fantasy at all, so hearing him say he liked it makes me think that it's a success.

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    Just got back from a premiere party... (the lemon cakes were freaking amazing)

    First thoughts: I LOVED it! I can already tell that I'm going to love the entire series. I'm okay with the small changes, although I wish they could have lingered a little longer on certain scenes (finding the direwolves, for example, went by a little quick).

    However, I have to say that it seemed more confusing than I expected for people who haven't read the books. You really need to watch the first episode VERY closely! Every single line of dialogue introduces very important information. The non-book readers I saw it with kept talking (one girl kept answering her phone!) and missing crucial info. I found myself having to do a fair bit of explaining to them ("Okay, this is the Stark family. He's buddies with the King. Those direwolves are the symbol of their family. Winter is coming are the family words.")

    However, despite them not paying full attention, every single person said they thought it looked really cool and they were intrigued by the whole thing. And everyone was pretty much hooked by Bran's fall at the end.

    Favourite scene? Tyrion meeting Jon Snow ("All dwarfs are bastards in their father's eyes."). Pitch perfect.

    Arya was also perfect.

    LOVE the direwolves!

    I can't wait to re-watch the episode, and I'm really looking forward to the rest.
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    I really enjoyed it. Very well done! Altho I do agree that the Drogo thing was very difficult to watch, but I think it was well-done nonetheless.

    The scene with Tyrion in the whorehouse was awesome. How could you not love him?

    Jamie looks older than I thought he does Ceresi. Odd.


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    I just saw the episode, finally!

    I loved it! I want to watch the rest NOW. XD

    I love Bran and Arya, they both play their parts really well and steal the show for the kids.

    But not half as well as Dinkage. I love him as Tyrion, his scenes in the brothel and with Jon were amoung the best.

    I also thought Sean might have been a bit 'generic, good actor playing main role', but he really brought a nice sense of warmth to Eddard, especailly when stealing Arya's helmet, and smiling about it. That was nice.

    When it got to the scene where Ned and Robert were going hunting I genuinely thought I was watching a movie, and I thought it would go on forever. But then I realized I was close to the end, which sucked.

    The dogs are so cute, and Summer looked so scared. D:

    As for the whole Dany section - the Wedding was awesome. I did feel that I knew Drogo was giving her her Silver, actually, Evil. He led her to it and then put her on it, and she asked Jorah how to say thank-you, I don't know. Even my boyfriend (a non-reader) got that. xD So, hopefully it's okay. He wasn't really gentle after though. Pushing her into that position, when I was sure they did it face to face. Maybe they want to prolong her coming to love him? That's a pretty set TV thing.

    Viserys was very good though.

    There's some outstanding performances here. I even liked Catelyn and others I was not even thinking after.

    On the downside;

    I agree with you though, perhaps it was a tad confusing for non-readers? I guess I have the disadvantage of not being able to know what it would be like for a non-reader, but I was explaining to my boyfriend little details like 'The Seven Kingdoms are where we've just been with Robert, they're the Andals too,' and 'Jorah's an exiled Knight if you're wondering why he's randomly there.' xD

    Also I wish we could have had a tiny bit more differenciating between Robb, Jon and Theon. They only had one scene where their hair was cut, right? Robb and Jon needed a more brotherly relasionship too, I think. Just like 5 seconds, a clip of them laughing or something.

    Oh, and Sansa comes across as just a brat. I think she's meant to be more of a naive damsel in distress kind. Shudda' had her begging to hear stories or something. I would love to see Joffrey being... well, awful. But that'll come.

    That's... it.

    It was bloody epic.

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    Yes. Generally speaking, very encouraging start. It did feel a bit short though. But I guess they could not help it because of time constraints. Also a lot of character insight we get in a novel is from what the POV character is thinking about other. That is not easy to translate onto the screen. So I guess as the charactes will get more screen time, the complexities, relationships etc will gradually come to life.

    But yes, I was disappointed with Dany and Sandor. Dany does not seem even one quarter of what I imagined her to be. And the Hound is worst, he has the face of an insignificant character. I hope they keep the Hound helm on his face all the time.

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    Well the hour went by really fast as I was pretty much mesmerized throughout and the ending was spot on. I was very impressed with how most of the characters came off, appreciating in a large story you cant get to know everyone right off the bat and some natural confusion is to be expected. Viserys was a standout along with Tyrion, Arya and Bran.

    I got the sense of how big the world is and the history. It is rather immersive. So all in all very happy.

    Am reserving judgement on the Hound. He looks the least like what I imagined and I did not get to see much from him. As the series progresses - his story is one of the ones I am most interested in. I am afraid he will be painted as too much of a badass minor character, but that is how he came across in the beginning of the first book.

    For a first episode it was pretty great. Cant wait for next Sunday.

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    Alot of TV buffs will scream at you to listen closely to every word said on The Wire. Meh, not so much. You can get the general gist of it and its not really unforeseen or shocking.

    But if you have not read the books, you absolutely must pay attention in order to get everything down. They had to trim down from the books, so there are alot of extras missing. The bones are there to establish whats going in, but its up to the audience to put sinew unto it.

    I would imagine this would be quite difficult for a non-reader to follow, especially since major elements are already introduced (Jon Arryn for example). Usually HBO shows build up to important plots, but this is straight off the bat.

    I do think this show has the potential to overtake other HBO shows, perhaps even The Wire (I dont think it can beat Sopranos though, they are far too different).

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    So far, so great. Perfect place to end the first episode. I like some of the changes, like introducing the Jamie/Cersei dynamic during the early funeral scene.

    I think making Jon more angry (seemingly) rather than being involved with the welcome feast for King Robert could serve his character in the long run.

    Dinklage is brilliant, but I think everyone was expecting that.

    After re-reading the book about a week ago, I think the actress who captured her character the best was Arya. She may turn out to be my favorite character on the show. Time will tell.

    The Dothraki scenes were tough, and I think it proved a challenge to the directors and screenwriters to capture the culture visually with the same nuance Martin did in the written word. I think they're building for a more powerful growth for Daenerys on screen. Correct that, maybe not more powerful but more blatant if that's the right term. Again, the nuances of internal dialogue and character growth on the page can't always be conveyed the same way on screen. Emilia Clarke looks beautiful on the screen, the stills released don't do her justice. Viserys was utterly creepy - in other words, Harry Lloyd captured him very nicely.

    The only change that bothers me slightly is Cat being less supportive in Ned's acceptance of the role as Hand.

    I started re-watching the show again when I went to sleep.

    Weiss/Benioff have gained my trust at this point. Because I now know they can sleep at night because they have my trust.

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    I hope Bran stays dead this time!

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    Thinking about the book, there were sooo many different integral characters. I can't fathom how they are going to successfully pull this off. But so far so good. I'm hook.

    My wife does not watch fantasy. She likes to read, but only mystery or romance etc. She does like similar TV shows as me though. And said she liked it so far.

    I was as well disappointed with the Dothroki marriage and sex scene. Mostly Dany getting treated like that. He was so gentle in the book, they didn't show that at all...why? And they down played the horse gift quite a bit. Even though Dany doesn't have purple eyes...geez she's gorgeous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheEvilKing View Post
    I hope Bran stays dead this time!
    Well, he lives in the first book, so I'd hate from them to change that.

    Though I haven't read any of Charlaine Harris's Vampire novels on which True Blood is based, I know Lafayette didn't make it past the first novel yet he does on the TV show. Whether because of the actor's performance or fan reaction, I'm not sure. Though I think Harris may have said she regretted killing him.

    I can't imagine Weiss/Benioff would allow Ned or Robert to survive the first season. It would be too much of a drastic departure from the books, almost like an Elseworlds or What If type of thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheEvilKing View Post
    I hope Bran stays dead this time!

    Seems I'm in the (extreme) minority here, but I was underwhelmed. Some of the acting was well done (Tyrion, Ned, Arya), some of it was mediocre (Jon, Robb, Bran, Cat), but a lot of it was flat, for me anyways. I thought the Dothraki/ Dany scenes were quite poorly done, and would probably be the most confusing for anyone who hadn't read the books.

    In fact, if this was all I knew of the series, without having read the books or anything, I'd take a pass on the show overall. Maybe (hopefully) it'll get better for me, but its good to see that at least others seem to be greatly enjoying it. Different strokes, right?

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