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    Ya i thought the whole dothroki voodoo bongo sexorama dance party was done terribly. I felt like i was watching zena or hercules.

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    The one false note for me was the Drogo-Danys prelude to sex scene. That was the moment in the book where he shows her gentleness and she begins to see a somewhat different future possible for her than what she'd feared and lived so far. It's the beginning of her becoming powerful instead of a slave. So that's going to be a problem they'll have to deal with in the second episode. And the wedding shennanigans didn't quite come off either, though it was lovely to see the dragon eggs. I think the actress playing Danys is quite good -- she is very graceful, goes quite still, and conveys all of Danys' fear and paralysis on her face while the guy playing her brother is wonderfully awful.

    The opening was marvelous -- the Wall! Wasn't the Wall pretty? -- and the Westeros stuff was terrific. They're playing Cersei a bit different from the books, less poised, but it works well enough. I did miss Hodor. I hope they do not cut his character out completely, as he does have a key role to play. I was a little surprised that the kids from Sansa on down were kept fairly young. I thought they were going to yank them up a bit and I'm not sure how they're going to handle that 5 year time period in the middle thing, but I would assume they have a plan. I do get a bit uneasy with what we ask kid actors to deal with, but the kids were pretty much perfect. And Dinklage got busy stealing the whole series, as we expected him to do.

    The amount of bare boobs added to fulfill the HBO bare boobs quota wasn't too bad, but could have been less. Hopefully now that they've gotten it out of the way, they'll use it for punctuation.

    It did have to be very condensed, and I do think it was a little hard for newcomers to follow, because information would just pop out of nowhere. For instance, it wasn't really clear that Jon is Ned's bastard son until the scene with Tyrion. I had to explain that he was before that to my husband during the direwolf scene. And I don't even remember if Theon got mentioned by name. That Cat's sister is married to the late Hand wasn't really clear until the scene where Cat gets the note from her, and so on. But they did about as well as one could with it, given the amount of background material, and it will get easier as they go on. Frankly, it's a lot easier to follow than Lost.

    My husband, who is a Lost fan, was not entirely engaged during the thing, but when Bran got pushed out the window, he demanded to know if the kid was alive or not. And I think that's really the pull here -- it's a visually harsh and striking series. They started with zombies and they are going to end the season with dragons. Even though Martin never thought it would ever be filmed, screenwriter boy did sort of set it up beautifully.

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    The set pieces/ scenery in general were actually done quite well. The wall being the most impressive, I loved how they portrayed that. And I felt exactly the same way about the Drogo and Dany sex scene, it just really seemed to give the entire beginning of that relationship a different spin than the book did.

    I can definitely see Bran being pushed out of the window, and being left in suspense about whether he survived the fall or not, being a big snag for people who have never read the books. It was a great spot to leave off.

    And no Hodor in the series would be quite odd. I can't see him being left out completely.

    Everyone being so pumped up about this first episode is making me feel like I missed something. I'll keep watching, but my expectations aren't nearly as high anymore.

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    I am totally in love with the show! I agree that the Drogo/Daenerys scene was a little off compared to what it was supposed to be, but that's such a minor complaint...

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    Quite enjoyed it personally. The only thing that felt a bit off everyone has already mentioned so need to dive into that more. That is something that can change as the series progresses. Don't know at this point so we'll see but I would hope so as I thought the way Martin handled Drogo was a strong point.

    But overall I have to say it was well done. Maybe it's just me but one of my favorite scenes was when Robert arrived and seeing all the Starks lined up next to each other. I don't know why but that scene stayed in my mind and was my favorite...odd as that is.

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    Likewise for me -- same gripes about the handling of Viserys/Dany/Drogo. There's simply no lead up -- no sense of impending doom on the part of Dany, no sense of overarching bravado and self-importance from Viserys (who was, overall, the weakest portrayal in episode 1 IMO. No sense of fear at waking the dragon at all)....

    Most disappointing -- the mystery, awe, and outright confusion at the foreignness of the Dothraki was utterly absent. They aren't painted as a legitimate people -- gone are the painstakingly painted parallels between the Native American and Mongolian nomadic horse tribes... Instead we're just chucked into what feels like stock fantasy weirdness and titillation. And with that gone, so too does the resolution of Dany's acceptance later.

    So, they must be going a different route. Which could be a shame -- I'm not sure the Dothraki will recover any legitimacy. We'll see.

    But beyond that, I was impressed.

    Technically, I liked how flat they kept the camera angles and how simply cut the editing was. Definitely was working at a more neutral narrative tone, in keeping with Martin's sympathetic limited 3rd POV. I don't think they can or should keep that up -- TV craves angles, and you do have to tell the viewer how to feel. I suspect that this may be conscious at this point and that later, as the skewed morality play begins, we'll likely see more dramatic narrative camera work.

    Sets are gorgeous -- again, though, the Dothraki set was bordering into the lame. I hope Vaes Dothrak pays off in the coming episodes and does for the Dothraki what Winterfell did beautifully for the sense of character of the Starks.

    Arya and Tyrion stole the show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KatG View Post
    They're playing Cersei a bit different from the books, less poised, but it works well enough.
    I noticed that, too. Jaime wasn't quite as a I pictured him, but he worked.

    I'd say the first episode was better than I expected. I worried the series would look and feel much like Pillars of the Earth--a mini-series that lacked the overall quality I had hoped for.

    So far, so good.

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    Great show, I just want to watch them all right now. Probably good I can't because I would fail all my finals.

    I agree with a lot that's been said. I obligated to mention that because I know I'm repeating, I guess I still have to say this.

    The Dothraki wedding scene was pretty crappy. I'm sure it was beautiful on set, but didn't really look that great.

    I also wasn't a big fan of the opening credits. I think it's cool as a special for the dvd's, but not as a regular opening. I think it not only gives the wrong impression of the show, but makes it look that much more ridiculous than people already think it's going to be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seak View Post

    I also wasn't a big fan of the opening credits. I think it's cool as a special for the dvd's, but not as a regular opening. I think it not only gives the wrong impression of the show, but makes it look that much more ridiculous than people already think it's going to be.
    I agree, actually.

    Apart from the fact it looked half steampunk-half amateur random fan-made map, I didn't get it.

    I'm guessing the map is a Political map in the study of the Hand, or something...? I just didn't really... feel it.

    At least it's not the generic;
    Horses hooves
    Ned swinging Ice
    Shocked face
    White walkers
    Man raising bow
    Crown falling down
    etc. xD

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    I actually really liked the opening credits. A bit off for the show perhaps, but I still thought it was pretty cool. And to me that's all I care about when it comes to credits.

    I have a few gripes, but I expected as much. The music was well done and the scenery was awesome. Didn't have too much of an issue with the Dothraki wedding, because that's somewhat akin to how I imagined it.

    But honestly the thing that really shocked me was that after all the breasts we did get to see, they kept Cersei's locked up tight. I can't be the only person disappointed by this.

    On that note, the sex scenes in general were pretty bad. I mean, do people not get naked in Westeros? Not that I'm vouching for pornography, but it was just so poorly done that I actually laughed.

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    Hodor is standing next to Bran and Sansa when they welcome the royal party to Winterfell. Regarding him and Theon:

    Apparently the producers decided to put off some of the character intros in Winterfell until later: Robb has less to do than in the book at the start of the season, but may have a bit more than in the book later on, and definitely in Season 2. In the case of Theon we don't learn more about him and his status as a ward and his role as heir to the Iron Islands until Episode 3 or 4, when he visits Ros (whom I guess is going to be the Exposition Prostitute, given her role with Tyrion in Episode 1). Hodor is in the Winterfell scenes but doesn't come into his own until Episode 3, I believe.

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    So I talked to my newbie friends who watched the show on their own (two girls, one guy). I was worried that they'd say it was way too confusing, and that a few of them might actually be offended by all the sex/incest/breasts...

    But they actually really enjoyed it! They will definitely be watching the next episode.

    One funny thing for me was hearing my friend talk about how shocked he was by the Lannister incest. He's seen all the trailers, watched some of the production videos, read a little about the world on Westeros and in the HBO Viewer's Guide... but the Jaime/Cersei revelation was a complete shock to him! As was Bran's flight out the window. Awesome!

    I didn't mind the Dothraki scenes as much as some people. It was such a riot of colour and crazy visuals, I keep getting flashes of images in my head today. I think it was just as visually striking and intriguing as it should have been. I also didn't mind the change with Dany's sex scene (this felt more realistic than the book version, to me).

    I still feel like it was a little rushed, and full of incredible amounts of complex exposition... but I'm going to re-watch the episode later today, and I expect I may enjoy it more the second time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AuntiePam View Post
    Dany's wedding and the wedding night were disappointing...We didn't get to hear her say "You gave me the wind". We didn't see him treat her gently, as even a barbarian king would treat his queen. Assuming they'll stick to the book and have Dany come to love him, they've got a lot of writing to do to make it believable.
    THIS. Absolutely. Unless there is to be a flashback scene which confounds what appears to have been about to happen - and the good folk here who've seen ep 2 give no indication of that - then I can't imagine how they get from here to...well, to where I expect them to go. Perhaps there's a rewrite, and Dany develops a different story, but I do hope not.

    I disagree with some of the underwhelmed comments re: the Dany performance; I was throroughly impressed by it. She came across as hurt and demeaned, but with a core of unbroken dignity. I look forward to seeing more of her, wherever this version of her story goes (and indeed if there IS more of her to see).

    I didn't get Jaime. That's the performance that fell flat for me. I just didn't get the arrogance, the utterly-rotten-to-the-core swagger of the book. And shouldn't his armour be white, or am I misremembering?

    And again out of step with most of you, I thought Khal Drogo was great! So little to say, or really even do, but the actor convinced me that this is a man who is going to do EXACTLY what he wants to, and if you even think about trying to get in his way he'll kill you without thought, effort, or regret. I thought he exuded a real savage power.

    And the titles are indeed rubbish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kged View Post
    And the titles are indeed rubbish.
    This blows my mind. Rubbish? Most people are raving about them! I think they're some of the coolest titles I've ever seen.

    Maybe they'd have been better without the gears/clockwork, but it's still cool. Instead of a fully realistic map, they went with a highly stylized map. So, so good!

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    I love breasts as much as the next guy and I am far from a prude, but they went a bit overboard with the nudity. It feels like this show should be airing on late night Cinemax.

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