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    Game of Thrones Casting Discussion

    So the game has begun.. I personally loved the first episode. I see great things coming, I am disappointed with some of the casting choices though. Thought may be can make a list of good and bad casting choices, and see what others think also. Here goes -

    Great Choices - The Stark children, Lord Eddard, King Viserys, Khal Drogo, Tyrion Lannister, Ser Jorah, Ser Rodrik, Little Finger (still to be seen in action though I liked the previews)

    Reasonable Choices - Jon Snow (fits the requirements for sure, but does not look as sharp as I had pictured him), Cersei (could have done much better, looks very artificial, but good actress), Jaime (could be better feature wise but he does talk and act like the king-slayer from the book), King Robert (disappointing but still digestible)

    Poor Choices - The Hound (terrible, makes me fear that the writers have shortened his role in the series), Daenerys (not nearly as regal and Targaryenish, she would spoil my mental image of her), Magister Illyrio, Catelyn Stark (disappointing, but it would easier to hate her later on , Joffrey (where are your pouty lips kid?)

    These are my opinions only though, and mostly based on the first episode only.
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