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    The Prefect and Absolution Gap [Spoiler]

    I read the Revelation Space trilogy awhile back and just finished The Prefect a week ago. As I finished The Prefect I couldn't get rid of a niggling random thought.

    (couldn't get a spoiler tag to work...sorry)

    Could Aura of Absolution Gap be Aurora from The Prefect?
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    It's been years since I read Absolution Gap. But wasn't Aura somehow created by the Exordium experiments? She was imparted with knowledge from the future IIRC. Aurora, while super-intelligent, didn't have any direct line to the future.

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    I didn't read that spoiler, and do intend to read The Prefect.

    This is what Wiki has to say (SPOILERS about Redemption Ark):
    The daughter of Ana Khouri and a renegade from Resurgam named Thorn, Aura is altered in utero in the Hades matrix to convey knowledge of advanced technologies in order to fight the Inhibitors. She is also adapted with Conjoiner technology. At one point, Skade kidnaps her and becomes her surrogate mother: she is "born" when she is cut from the dying Skade (which Skade allows in exchange for Nevil Clavain's death). She later falsifies her own memories and assumes the name Rashmika Els to gather intelligence on Hela. In the prologue and epilogue of the book (roughly 400 years after the Hela mission), she has returned to Ararat as the Greenfly machines are consuming the galaxy. She decides to head to the Pleiades star cluster, which other humans have already retreated to (this colony later features in "Galactic North").

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