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Thread: The Tusk

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    The Tusk

    How big exactly is the Tusk?

    The reason I ask is because that is an important piece of information for my real question. What creature is it from?

    I imagine it to be absolutely gigantic, and being from some obscenely fantastic creature from the olden days, or the Ark. The Tusk is newer than the Ark, so it's entirely possible.

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    There's two things to go off. The description of the Tusk from Proyas POV in TDTCB and the Canadian cover of TJE, which features the single Tusk from both sides.

    I would hazard a guess between 4-7 feet. Good question. Beyond creatures of the Tekne, all the fauna of Earwa have been pretty normal.

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    There are mention of mastodons... I think in the "What has come before" of WLW but maybe it's in the middle when they're talking about some Name dying in the Great Ordeal.

    I had the impression of a really huge mastodon; that would match what the (way better) Canadian cover of the Judging Eye shows.

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