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    Wow, people are still going on about this? First of all, Ned is supposed to be 35 in the books but the show has aged him up to 50. Hence, Cat is aged up as well. Also, most people seem to be loving Michelle Fairley's portrayal so far (she brings some sympathy and realism to the character).
    I know I'm a little late in this, but I'm going to comment anyway.

    Since this is set in a more medieval time period, people, at the age of 35 or 30, would look older than people at the age of thirty and 35 do now. Harsher living and lack of medicine does that. I think they look right for the period. I mean, 35 would have been considered getting up there in age. People often died at 40. Because these people are nobles, therefore have a bit better of a lifestyle (Though, often they did tend to eat more meat than the commoners, so they did, at times, become mal-nourished, whereas the commoners ate more vegetables and got more nutrients. . . when they ate.) they might live to 55, maybe even 60. Let's say one of the nobles does live to 55, he's going to look more like 65 or maybe even 70. He'd be considered ancient.
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