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    Finished this a few days ago, overall enjoyed it a lot, prob more than I enjoyed Prince. Some parts, like the disturbing part discussed above were so engaging it was impossible to put the book down, in fact a few time's I missed my stop on the MRT cause I was so engrossed. Great stuff.

    There were a few things I wish had been gone into more though:

    The Prince of Arrows fate at the hands of his brother, I had been really enjoying the way Jorg was being played against the Prince, almost classic good vs. evil but with a lot more depth. I was psyched for their rematch only to have it revealed that Egan had killed his brother and now Jorg had to face him, essentially an evil vs. evil showdown. I felt his character was thrown aside after a lot of character building and would've liked if this showdown between the brothers (even if it was a stabbing in the back it could've been fleshed out) had been given more page-time, either in Katherines diary or through the dialogue between Jorg and Egan. I loved the colt 45 gunning down though, very reminiscent of that scene in Indiana Jones where Indy shoots the big guy after he does all his posing with his sword skills

    One thing that didn't quite hit home with me was the death of Degan at Jorgs hands, the way the memories sealed in the box were being played up throughout the book I was really expecting something super nasty to come out in the end and found the death of the baby due to Jorgs necromancy a bit of a letdown. I'd been bracing myself for something truly horrible, in comparison to the justice scene it just didn't have the same visceral impact, for me anyway. I did however LOVE how the box was used to hide Jorgs plans from other players and really enjoyed how his well laid schemes were revealed to such devastating effect!

    Great book though, looking forward to the conclusion of Jorgs journey next year,thanks for the journey Mark!
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