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    The Stormlight Archive Series by Brandon Sanderson

    The Way of Kings, the first novel in Brandon Sanderson's massive Stormlight Archive series (planned to run to ten novels), is coming out this summer and Dribble of Ink has just posted the Michael Whelan cover.

    The series sounds interesting, being a huge, character and continent-spanning epic in the vein of Robert Jordan, GRRM etc. Sanderson is apparently bringing a more epic sensibility he has honed working on the last WoT books to this series.

    It sounds interesting and after his previous works Sanderson has definitely earned the benefit of the doubt with this one. The cover art is somewhat bemusing though, being interesting and atmospheric on the one hand but very old-school and a bit derivative on the other (it reminds me of old 1970s editions of Dune with Fremen waving weapons at one another over billiowing sand landscapes).

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    I'm definitely all over this when it comes out.

    And the old-school look of the cover only has me more excited for it.

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    Not a big fan of that cover art, but I'm very excited for this book and series. I liked most of what I've read from Sanderson, and I'm sure that this series will be good as well.

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    I'm also excited. Sanderson is a young guy and has handled the book-a-year production cycle just fine.

    Wert, he's said 10 books? I'd love to see his planning for the series. To need that many volumes he must have some major, major plans.

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    Can't say much for the cover art; it's a bit too *cartoonish* for my tastes. But it looks like I'm hanging on to my gift card until this summer. Looks intriguing.

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    I'll be reading it on eBook format so the cover doesn't matter to me at all anymore.

    I'll be getting the book for sure, though.

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    Ahhh.... beat me to it Adam! When I saw the cover online, I was going to start the topic myself as this book is very high on my anticipated reads list. It may be the book for which I stop reading EVERYTHING else when it arrives. has a nice feature with some notes from Michael Whelan.

    For my part, I like the cover quite a bit - a great mix of colors and hints of a story on a large scale, and much better than all those hooded figures we've been seeing.

    As for the story itself, I have yet to be disappointed by anything Brandon's written so I've got pretty high hopes for this one.

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    I think it's a really nice looking cover, the colours in it are very nice. It doesn't really fit well with a lot of Sanderson's other covers though, so it may look a bit odd when compared to his other books.

    I think this series may really be something special, as this is the first time since GRRM that a project this big has been undertaken by an author with the popularity Sanderson has. It's going to be a bit of a pain reading the first book, and then having to wait 15-16 years to read the ending, but I think the journey will be well worth it.

    Sanderson showed some of the world building skills that were lacking in his previous books with Warbreaker, and he's always going to have outstanding plots and magic systems. Ultimately, the success of this series is going to come down to a) how the characters are written (something I don't think he's as strong at as some of the other authors; Vivenna was awful), and b) whether he can tell the story in a well written well paced manner. He's done some really good pacing (First book of Mistborn, Gathering Storm), some OK pacing (next two books of Mistborn) and some not so good pacing (Elantris, Warbreaker).

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    Planning to get in on the ground floor on this series. I haven't read any Sanderson and plan to make this my first of his novels.

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    I have huge expectations for this book and hope that mr. Sanderson keeps delivering at the same level of quality he has until now.

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    I am also very excited regarding this release. I loved the Mistborn trilogy and found Warbreaker to be a decent standalone. Furthermore, I am pleased concerning how Sanderson is finishing The Wheel of Time series.

    Recently I have sought to read series already completed or very near to completion. However, in this case, I will definitely make an exception. Sanderson at least to me has proven he can consistently deliver quality work within respectable time frames.

    Cover art usually does not matter much to me. For the most part I like it. It appears that Brandon's name dwarfs the title though.

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    I like the cover art.

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    As mentioned in the other thread, it's more a case of when rather than if I'll be reading this series. I liked his mistborn trilogy enough to complete it but not enough that I'd get his books in hardcover. Hence me waiting for the mmpb of warbreaker which may well seal the deal regarding this series and whether or not I should go for the hardcover. Depends on how expensive it is and how desperate I am to read it. I suppose I'd also have to factor in any other new releases at the time which might take precedence (I can only think of a few really). I guess I'll know nearer the time

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    The cover is nice, but I guess we were expecting more since Whelan was attached to it. It certainly is better than a lot of what we see, included the endless hooded figures ( mainstream appeal as they may have, they are quite dull). I'd still prefer this any day over the blander more mainstream covers that want to trick non-genre readers into reading a Fantasy. Which is again understandable in part, but can also be disappointing if you enjoy out and out Fantasy covers. Like this one.

    As for the book, I am going to try this as the first Sanderson work that appeals to me in setup. I was unimpressed with his writing sofar and hope that this will be more to my taste. On the upside I doubt the book will be sluggish, that just isn't him. The danger is that he will fail to pull me in again with his style and his characters.

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    Maybe it's just me, but I think it's a shame yet another talented author will start a huge series. In my experience those series inevitably get way worse after the first 5 or 6 volumes - WoT and The Malazan Book of the Fallen both are clear examples. And I really don't feel like waiting for 15 years or so to find out the ending.

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