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    Your favourite characters, do they differ?

    What i mean is, are your favourite characters in the TV series the same as they were in the book?

    For example, personally i never liked Eddard Stark, his honor always getting in the way of what i thought were the more rational decisions annoyed me way too much. And i found his dialogue a little dry, to be honest. But here, portrayed by one of my favourite actors, Sean Bean, he's maybe my favourite of the cast just because of the fact that it's Sean Bean and he's done such an admirable job.

    anyway, my favourite characters of the first book were

    The Hound

    but in the series my favourite characters have been


    Littlefinger - like Eddard has become my favourite because of his fantastic portrayal. he's just perfect.

    Viserys - again. i just felt he played the part of an angry, spoiled brat to perfection, so much so that i actually liked him for all the wrong reasons, and when he tries to steal the eggs i sympathized with him, as i did at the very end. in the books not so much

    Jaime - same deal as Viserys really. he manages to hit the right balance of arrogance and charm so that i find him endearing rather than annoying like i did in the books (until book 3)

    Tyrion is the only favourite of mine from the books that remains a favourite in the show.

    I think it's amazing how an actor can completely change my perspective on certain characters through their acting talent and demeanor. Anyway, discuss. Am i the only one who the series had this effect on?

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    I feel that Cersei is too "nice" in the series. I thought that she'd be MUCH more well... evil/manipulating in the series

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    I liked Samwell in the books, but love him in the TV show. Jaime vies with Tyrion for my favorite character from the books slot, but that was not the case until a long way down the line, with Jaime's development, etc. I probably enjoy Jaime more as a character in the TV show than I did in the books at this point.

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    I think they are all good. I agree that Cersei could be a bit meaner but then you don't really understand the depth of her scheming in book 1.

    Some of the ages are way off though. Jon Snow is supposed to be 14 ...yeah, right! Rob, 15 ...

    I'd love to punch the Joffrey character full in the face so they have him spot on!

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    Hodor, Littlefinger, Lysa and John Umber are better in the books

    Viserys, Arya, Syrio and Thorne are better than I imagined

    Robb, Jorah and Shagga were disappointing at first, eventually greatly improved

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    Yeah I'm amazed how good these actors nailed these characters so good! Its hard to remember exactly how I pictured everybody now.
    Like Mark Addy as King Robert? I didn't like the idea of that, but he did a pretty good job playing him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xElednorx View Post
    I feel that Cersei is too "nice" in the series. I thought that she'd be MUCH more well... evil/manipulating in the series
    I wouldn't call TV Cersei "nice" but she's coming across as smarter, less shallow, which makes her easier to sympathize with -- at times. I suppose that happens any time characters are brought to life on film.

    Shae too -- Book Shae was a flighty gold-digger. I never believed Book Shae cared for Tyrion, but I totally believed TV Shae loved him. I like TV Shae and I'll miss her.

    I didn't care much for Arya in the books but she's a favorite now.

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    I think Dany is much less annoying in the show than she is in the book. Giving us a glimpse of her thoughts in the books means that we can see how much of a kid she is and how obsessed she is with Daario. I like Tyrion in both the books and the show. I did prefer his Purple wedding scene in the book. But he gets really boring in Book 5. I hope they change that somewhat. Oberyn has much more screen space in the tv show over the books. They've also made Sansa really dull in the show. But the Arya Hound relationship is much better on the show.

    You are more sympathetic to Cersei in the show which really leads me to believe that if they like the actors, they soften their characters up.

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