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    Discussing 'The Tide Turners'

    I would enjoy discussing the issues and characters and anything else contained in Colin Macpherson's new novel, 'The Tide Turners'. You can't get it from Amazon or other booksellers - only from the publisher's website (that's how I got my copy anyway)
    I've posted my review in the review section of the sffworld site. It's too important a book for serious science fiction fans not to discuss, so is there anyone out there willing to join in?

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    James, I like your review - good job. I was also fascinated by The Tide Turners. Actually, I found it a bit disturbing, mainly because it seemed very much like a real account of events. I've checked some of the science that Macpherson's characters discuss and use, and it all is genuine. Apart from that, I have to admit, I really liked the sex scenes and the erotic moments. Sure, Ewen obviously has a nice arrangement with the twins Beth and Barb, but they have a very sensual partner in him too. Most of all though, I liked the way the story turns the ideas of good and evil on their heads. These kind, loving, thoughtful individuals - that we can identify with - are doing something that many people would consider totally evil. And you find yourself despising those that would stop them! It made me think about what is right and what is wrong in times of great crisis. An amazing book. I'm glad to have come across someone else who has read it. I can't understand why it's not up there with the best sellers - maybe because you can't get it at bookstores.

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    I'm not sure if I'd call what the characters are doing 'evil'. They are simply trying to provide a sustainable environment so that life continues to have a chance to exist on the planet.

    I'll have to agree with the eroticism though. Especially the whole tree climbing incident.
    While there is the underpinning theme of the novel which deals with many controversial issues, I very much enjoyed the subtle moments of humour that, while few, really added to the book.

    If all the science is truely legitimate, wouldn't it be strange if this novel actually turns out to be a biography of some crusaders, trying to save the world... I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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    A friend in Australia recommended this book so I went to the website and bought a copy. I've just finished it. This is serious stuff - an amazing story. Someone else who read it a while ago told me that he'd heard that it wasn't fiction - that something really was going on, and that the group really existed, or still exists. This is now the second time I've heard this - does anyone in this forum know anything about these rumours? The reply I got from the publisher was non-committal.

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