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    Shadows of the Apt

    While I have seen a thread for Empire in Black and Gold, I decided to start a thread for the entire series. Having recently finished Dragonfly Falling, I wanted to start discussing the series.

    Dragonfly Falling was an increase in intensity, tension and drama from Empire in Black and Gold, but many of the criticisms of the first book hold true for the second. The majority of characters the reader has become familiar with are still alive and kicking, somewhere amidst the Empire's constant and expansive warfront. The various love interests and liasons in the book have something of the teen drama feel to them. One does get the sense that these are rough edges that are being trimmed away as the series continues.

    I would have delved directly into Blood of the Mantis, but did not have it available. I have since ordered books 3 through 6 and will probably begin Blood of the Mantis as soon as the order arrives.
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