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    But all three Lanister children have blond hair and blue eyes, what do we know of their mothers coloration? It seems unlikely they could have a different father and possess such distinctly Lannister coloring if she did not. The Targaryn tend to silver blond hair right? I refuse to look up recessive genes, though I find myself sorely tempted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Werthead View Post
    It's a tricky one. Cersei and Jaime are roughly 35 in AGoT, so would have been conceived in 262-263 AL. The problem with that is that Aerys II only took the throne and made Tywin his Hand in 262, and his reign started with him being fully sane. The cracks didn't start showing until a good few years later when Ilyn Payne said that Tywin was the real king, not Aerys, and Aerys cut his tongue out. Then he went really do-lally during the Defiance of Duskendale, which was likely in the early-to-late 270s.

    So if we're assuming that Aerys sexually assaulted Joanna because he was crazy, that rules out Jaime and Cersei, but the timing works excellently for Tyrion (who was conceived around 271-272). If, OTOH, we assume he did it because he was an asshole even before he went crazy, (and after all, the wedding night where we know 'he took liberties' must have been before Jaime and Cersei's birth and probably their conception, so right around 262-263), then it's possible he's Jaime and Cersei's father.

    'First night' was long gone by this time, however. Jaehaerys I abolished it when he took the throne in 40 AL or thereabouts, 230 years before Aerys became king.
    I went back and re-read what Selmy tells us and it sounds like Aerys just acted inappropriately at the bedding, whatever that means. Of course, Martin does here what he does nearly everywhere. He plants lots and lots of seeds and it is anyone's guess as to which one will sprout.

    Ornery, all I know is that Joanna was a cousin to Tywin, so I assume she had the expected coloring for a Lannister.

    Did anyone else get tired of Tyrion wondering where do whores go? Actually, Tyrion's humor is fast becoming juvenile, esp when it's focused on his member.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raule View Post
    Did anyone else get tired of Tyrion wondering where do whores go? Actually, Tyrion's humor is fast becoming juvenile, esp when it's focused on his member.
    A little but I think it showed that he has lost it a little.

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    "Where do whores go?" Here is what I want to see, and the only reason to pound us, the readers, with the "where do whores go." I want to see justice for Shae. Tyrion kills his father who was evil, so it's ok. But he kills also Shae, whom I liked and who was innocent of any wrongdoing, and he is not contrite. Here is my justice: Shae was Tysha. Eventually he will learn exactly where whores go.

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    What do readers think of Brown Ben Plumm? He admits to having a drop of Targ blood, and Tyrion says to him: "Not only do I know that the queen's dragons took to you, but I know why." I assumed he's probably an ancestor of the Plumm that appears in The Mystery Knight. Will he be instrumental in helping someone tame a dragon?

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    Hmmm, there mother was a cousin interesting..

    I actually thought Shae had it coming, I would need to reread but I recall being quite satisfied by her end. It seems highly doubtful she is Tysha unless she can change her face, and the way Tyrion acquired her seems to make any intent upon her part doubly dubious.

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    Not going to loo up the spelling

    Talking about The Red Priestess looking at fires and missing the point. She stared at the flames asking Rhollor for hints an Ahzi whatever and all she gets is Jon Snow. That is something thats so obvious she should have realized it when she thought it.

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    True, but she has long since concluded that Stannis is AA, has staked a great deal on it, and has recently been unable to see him. If Stannis is AA and cannot be seen in the flames then them showing Jon Snow, an important individual to the cause, makes a kind of sense.

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    Finished, liked it very much. An excellent 25th birthday present from the bearded one. Here's hoping the next one turns up before I'm 30 and completely over the hill...

    Would have liked a Sandor Clegane cameo, though. Especially as his brother's turned up out of the basement, as per expectations.

    And my money's on Stannis being the new Reek (third of his name).

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    AGoT: *****
    ACoK: *****
    ASoS: *****
    AFfC: ***1/2
    ADwD: **1/2

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    • Jon isn't dead
    • Stannis isn't dead
    • It took long enough for Dany to get interesting in this book, but she eventually did.
    • Tyrion, of course, was great
    • Reek/Theon chapters terrific. In my recent re-read of the series, I'm becoming more of a fan of the Greyjoys, Asha in particular
    • Melisandre is blind to the obvious
    • Finally, we see Varys, but who was with him? I was thinking one might be Cat of the Canals at first

    Great book, loved it, but the frakking cliffhangers for the Big Three characters? Frustrating knowing the pending wait for the next book.

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    ADWD 1.5/5

    0.5 consisting of these cool ideas:

    when dragons nested in the pyramids and burned Meereen

    Chuck Norris' cameo

    the possibility that Bloodraven controls Jeor's bird, or even has eyes all over Westeros

    Victarion and the burned priest are funny

    a couple of Tyrion's new jokes

    Manderly's granddaughter and the Freys lying about the Red Wedding

    Jon going for the chopping block instead of hanging

    Quentyn's hope

    septa's attitude

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slynt View Post
    AGoT: *****
    ACoK: *****
    ASoS: *****
    AFfC: ***1/2
    ADwD: **1/2
    I think you gave aFfC half a star too many, but yeah.

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    Personally I'm getting really tired of Meereen. It's an unnecessary side-tale which is going on way too long. Dany's storyline is becoming incredibly stale for me, was really hoping to see her make it to Westeros in this book- though at least she finally rode the dragon.

    Enjoyed Jon's chapters as always, and liked where Tyrion's story was going at first...later on, not so sure. Have to wait until the next book (if it comes :P) to make my decision there.

    Agree with Rob that Theon's chapters were quite good, as well as the emergence of Aegon and Jon Connington. The brief updates of the characters from AFFC were decent, though far from spectacular.

    So this book was very good at times, but overall I wasn't terribly impressed. I feel like this could have come out years ago and been as good- especially if, as we have been told, the primary issue was the Meereenese knot.

    Slynt's grade probably isn't far from what I'd give as well, maybe a solid 3 though.

    So after AFFC I was hoping GRRM would redeem himself with I will have to hope he will redeem himself with TWoW. Lol. I vote for more Roose Bolton.

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    Totally agree about Meereen, I just don't care at all. It's dull and just feels inconsequential to me when she wants to leave Meereen eventually anyway. Atleast before Dany was building up her forces for her invasion of Westeros, but Meereen just feels like procrastination.

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