If not mistaken there about 3 or 4 people here who read Kate Daniels by Ilona Andrews, and I've seen the series mentioned a couple of times as of late that I thought it might be worth it to have a thread discussing the series.

I have to say that the first book in the series wasn't a good one, and I think it's what mainly puts people off in the series. But in my opinion, the series improves vastly in quality from the 2nd book on.

At this moment, this series stands a close 2nd to my favorite series in Urban Fantasy The Dresden Files. And the series is all about how kickass Kate Daniels is for me. She talks the talks and walks the walks.

There are 5 books out at the moment with the latest one being Magic Slays that just came out in May. Not my favorite in the series, but another great addition with a good setup for the next installment.

For those that don't know, it seems like there are only a couple of more books planned for the series in addition to two spin-off novels. So for fans of the series, this might not be good news, but for those of you that like to see a series actually end, then this might be enough of an incentive to keep an eye out for the series.

So who here reads this series?