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    yeah it does, i'd DEFINITELY put it in the comedy, pseudo-science-fantasy, budget brit humour niche psik.

    or something similar to that maybe.

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    no laughs in one of the books though.

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    Really good novels. Brilliant TV series pretty much all of it on YouTube:

    Series 2 better than series 1 I think.

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    Four books

    Friends of mine from way back when introduced me to Red Dwarf.

    I OWE them.

    The first two books were definitely worth it, especially laundry night for Cat in book one. I laughed for maybe an hour.

    (I was eighteen at the time)

    I only recently found out about books three and four, (about the same time I someone reminded me of the sixth hitchhiker book--it was the sixth, right?) and while I now have them, courtesy of the $1.04 price and free shipping via Borders (woo-hoo!), I won't say if they're any good. The Grant Naylor relationship exploded between books two and three. Which is why there's four books written by "three" people.

    Even if Last Human is terrible, I still look forward to reading it.

    The series was great stuff, too. Very not Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy but still very funny. There's room in the world for a second funny sci-fi satire.


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    I have all the DVDs, and now my son watches them. And I read all the books, which I really enjoyed. However, the lack of continuity between the books and TV shows (although common enough) is a little disconcerting at times. Scenes often crop up in the books that appear in the TV shows, but within different storylines. Basically, scenes they had written (and liked) for the shows were then popped into the books, but not necessarily in the same context.

    Considering the shows were a hit, they could have just novelised them, with extra bits obviously.

    Anyway, they are worth a read if you like easy-reading sci-fi.

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    I watched several episodes of one of the early series last week and had a sudden urge to read some of the novels. I'll have to try and track them down. Good to hear someone else thinks they are definitely worth reading - thanks for the reviews, Wert.

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    Just read the omnibus edition of these and loved (almost) every page, so thanks for the heads-up, Wert. Unlike you I preferred the first novel, finding it funnier and more immediate where the second felt a bit too constructed, although the second did have the edge as far as the depth of its plot. I really enjoyed both the novels as a light, Christmas read in one volume.

    Is it worth trying to find a copy of the third novel?

    **** (out of 5 stars)

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