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    After having thoroughly enjoyed the first two seasons of the HBO series, I decided to read The Game of Thrones. I had high expectations because the show is so good. George R.R. Martin exceeded those expectations. For one thing, I was surprised at how closely the show stuck to the book, even using much of the same dialogue. Also, Martin is such a skilled writer. Being a fellow writer, I have a real appreciation with his skill and talent. I can't wait to read the next books in the series.
    Carl Alves

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    Can I spoil it for you? Books 4/5 are ...

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    Yes, the series definitely stands out in a class of its own. The first book was amazing. Although I had trouble getting into it, the first time around. I floundered after the prologue, which I really liked, and then the first chapter, which I thought was so-so. At a later date I decided to give it another shot, and fell in love for real. Great characterization, great plotting, great scenery, great epic scope and feel.

    I do feel that the later books drag a bit in the "okay what's supposed to be happening right now? department. By that I mean Books 3 and 4, as I haven't read 5 yet. And I know, I know, some of the greatest stuff in the series happens in the third book, but you kind of have to wait a while Martin sets up the big payoffs. The first 3/4 of Book 3 was kind of monotonous, in my opinion, until he finally brings it all together.

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