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  • Heart Wrenching! How could GRRM do this to me!

    20 45.45%
  • I'm sad, but mostly because GreyWind was so cool!

    13 29.55%
  • Rob and Cat, meh. They had it coming.

    5 11.36%
  • Didn't really care.

    3 6.82%
  • I still soil myself whenever I think back to that moment.

    6 13.64%
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    Reaction to "THAT" scene in Storm of Swords [SPOILERS!!]

    What was your reaction?
    (Spoilers if you haven't read all the books!)

    This may have been done before. Just want to see some funny, emotional, surprising, anything reaction you guys got from this scene. I've seen some stuff online of people at work reading it in the breakroom, and throw their book and say "F*k that" and walk out leaving the book behind. lol

    Personally mine wasn't that eventful. I did have to put the book down. Sit
    there and think for a minute.

    "Did that really just happen?"
    "Did I just read that right? My favorite person to become King and hopefully together with Daenerys ...just died?"
    "The most logical thinking person in this series, Cat, just got her throat cut. WTF!!"
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