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    Looking for epic fantasy without cliffhangers

    I don't mean standalones--I like trilogies and series, but I don't want to invest time in a book that doesn't end that particular plot thread, but simply STOPS. Almost feeling like the sense of watching a movie and the power goes out. To be continued...someday.

    To use a movie analogy, more of a "Star Wars: A New Hope" ending than "The Empire Strikes Back" ending.

    More story to tell, and lots more world to explore, and more of the larger conflict to see evolve. Yet it still has some degree of resolution for that piece of the story.

    Sometimes I like to read one book of a series, then read something else, and then go back to the series later. But I don't want to get the sense of reading a story that seems cut short. I hope that makes sense.

    Don't get me wrong, I really don't mind some loose ends or background elements that are continued in the next book of the series, but I like each book in the series to have at least some sense of a satisfying resolution, even if there is more story in the larger context to tell in the sequels.

    I'm also interesting in epic worldbuilding novels. Do these interests necessarily contradict eachother?

    Any recommendations for epic, world-building fantasy trilogies or series that has some sense of closure/resolution at the end of each book?

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    An odd question. Ignoring the Cliff Hanger quota and seeing that you want EPIC and WORLD BUILDING. Malazan Book Of The Fallen would be something to check out. There is definitely loose ends and confusing stuff up the wazoo. But there isn't really Cliff Hangers at the end of each book.

    I can't think of any book series I've read where a book ends on a big cliff hanger. I'm sure it exists, but I can't recall. I wouldn't rule out any series based on a cliff hanger clause. But you could always try the stand alone series. Such as Dresden Files or Vlad Taltos series. All are books on their own merit, but act as a series.

    Other than that, epic and world building describes most series out there.

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    I think the Raymond E Feist stuff tends to have pretty definitive endings, at least at the end of the series themselves if not each individual book.

    In fact, I believe that was one of the things that eventually turned me off to them. Every series was the END OF THE WORLD!! which was of course stopped at the last minute. So when the new giant end of the world threat popped up in the next series... well... it got old.

    Anyway. It might fit the bill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chris777 View Post
    I can't think of any book series I've read where a book ends on a big cliff hanger. I'm sure it exists, but I can't recall.
    A Feast for Crows is a major one. Nothing quite like a five year cliffhanger.


    While I cannot speak for the entire series, I would recommend Daniel Abraham's The Long Price based only on the first two books. Both are fairly self-contained and though the second follows the same two characters, it begins fifteen(?) years after the events of the first.

    The Malazan books may be a good choice, too. I do not recall any cliffhangers and the way the story progresses is not exactly the most fertile ground for such a thing.

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