I am an old grumpy guy and have really enjoyed the writing and stories of GRRM every since I read Fevre Dream so long ago I can't remember when it was exactly. I found Game of Throne about 4 or 5 years ago and books 1-4 were already written and I was able to pour through them. I loved them! It is an amazing story with a lot of depth and different points of view. This quickly became my favorite series I have ever read, but not to the point that I dote on the the guys every written word (unlike some of the more doe-eyed lovers of Rothfuss' every word for example). Here is what has begun to drive me crazy as I read ADWD (and admittedly enjoyed it a great deal!).

In another thread someone mentioned the phrase "Words are Wind" as being used a bit too much in ADWD. I remember thinking... it's a good phrase... I like it. I began to think of it as I listened to members of Congress talk about the national debt. Then I began to read ADWD. After a long and frustrating wait, I have really enjoyed the book but since someone planted that seed I am stuck hating Martin's overuse (IMO) of these things..
1) "Words are wind"
2) "Little and less"
3) "Much and more"
4) "useless as nipples on a breastplate"
My problem is the number of times these are used, but also the wide variety of people... of different parts of that world... of different backgrounds ....different dialects ... high and low born alike.... who use these same phrases. Not saying this should bother anyone else, and I liked the book, just saying these were used too much and that I may not have even noticed if one of you jackwagons here hadn't planted the seed in my mind!