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    Quote Originally Posted by TheEvilKing View Post
    "Must needs" is awesome. I also enjoy "leal" and "jape".

    Not a fan of "nuncle". Or the new way of telling the time that everyone in Westeros (and Essos) has discovered, "the hour of the .......".
    I agree that "must needs" is good. But I don't like "nuncle". I'm also getting sick of "nipples on a breastplate". And I'm even getting tired of "much and more" because it's used so...many...times!

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    words are wind was said waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many times, even if it is a saying of the world, but other than that nothing bothered me about GRRM's writing.

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    In the spirit of this thread...

    I, like Twinner caught on to TSoIaF after they were written and loved the character development and point-of-view writing style. Now that I have to wait for the last book (or two) to come out I want more of that style!

    The one thing I didnt like throughout the series was the graphic detail that GRRM went into while describing the sex scenes and twisted violent acts (Reek and the two boys in ASOS). Dont get me wrong, I like the dark aspect of these characters, I just wish it could be more left to the reader's imagination. Can anyone out there help me find such a series?
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    Dark characters, shady dealings, terrible things happening but not right out in the open but left to the imagination.... When I want that I turn on C-Span to watch the House of Representatives here in the US.

    When I went looking for things fill the gap after I had read all the Ice and Fire that had been written the things that filled the void best for me were:

    Anything by Joe Abercrombie, but I liked Best Served Cold the best.
    Lynch's The Lies of Locke Lamora.
    I also really enjoyed The Name of the Wind but don't really count it as being in the same style. Martin is more meat and less flowers while to me Rothfuss is more flowers and less meat. (I realize that this last statement might only make sense to me.)

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    I would have no objection to "words are wind" or "the hour of the X", if they'd been in the books from the start. It's perfectly reasonable for this world to have its own proverbs and cliches - "a game of thrones" rather leaps to mind - but to suddenly introduce new ones feels a bit off. It breaks continuity. "Dark wings, dark words" goes back to the earlier books IIRC, and is a perfectly acceptable phrase for me.

    You what I am sick to death of? Summer Islanders being described as having "skin as black as coal/midnight/maester's ink", and wearing a cloak of coloured feathers. It seems like it's every single time one of them crops up, even the most fleeting peripheral character, he wheels that one out again. WE KNOW. BLACK, WITH FEATHERS. GIVE IT A REST.

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    wow heres one i cannot believe yous havnt all jumped on, as i was reading adwd every time a charcter thought to themselves "hes not wrong" i was mentally screaming, ffs just say "he was right" once in a while.
    i definetly agree with whoever said it above me that this book is almost all filler too. no where near enough true story progretion, George just needs to get back to a few core charcters.

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    I lifed ASOFAI well enough, but I'm trying to forget it now. Otherwise, the wait for book 6 would be impossible. He supposedly isnt even turning to it until 2012.

    As for the repetetive phrases, some of them did get to be a little much. Not so much Tyrion or Jamie, as those were rattling around in their head, but the ones all characters over-use.

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    They are meant to be used over and over. It's not like he's reusing literary devices or anything, they are phrases in his world, as we might say 'pot calling the kettle,' or 'as happy as a pig in muck.' Things like that. Old wives phrases and metaphores that've just become part of the language.

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