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    If you can live in any book, what would it be?

    Imagine if you lived in the stories you loved to read, which one would it be?

    I would like to live in the world of Fritz Leiber's A Pail of Air.

    If you read that short story, you may find that crazy. But I just think it would be interesting to live in a world, where there was no...well, air.

    I'm weird am I? Blame it on Vsauce.

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    I seem to remember a similar thread from a few years back, but it's a good topic.

    So many I'd love to visit, but maybe in a protective bubble: Brian Aldiss' mega vegetable world in Hothouse, Sherri Tepper's planet of Grass, The Ringworld, of course. But I could probably settle down in one of the more peaceful islands in Christopher Priest's Dream Archipelago (good recent interview with Chris here, btw:

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    The only SF world I've ever thought I'd like to live in is Banks's Culture civilization. I can do indolent and eccentric. And I'd like to hang out with drones.

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    Sullivan's Hollow World.

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    Count a second vote for the Culture universe : long life, all the perks of technology, amazing worlds and creatures to explore.
    second choice would be Helliconia, but that is a harsh world to live in, even in the most beautiful of the long seasons (Spring)

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    I find this question surprisingly hard to answer. I found Peter Hamilton's Commonweath series very interesting, also the planet Avalon from Legacy or Hereot by Niven et al sounded marvelouse with one big exception. And who would,'t want to visit ringworld. I guess the problem I'm having is that most of the books I read have some very profound conflicts happening and I wouldn't want to get mixed up in that. So I'll trot out that old cliche There are lots of great places to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there.

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    One of those big books with the secret compartment. Otherwise they don't have any room in them.

    Seriously, though. Any story of the future where we've overcome our petty obsession with money and learned to not harm ourselves or the environment, and focus on advancing ourselves, instead. A world where you can jump into a ship or gate and travel to other worlds.
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    I've written a few novels that featured worlds that I'd very much love to live in (naturally, since I designed 'em); but most notably, a satellite-city in Earth orbit, a largely self-contained satellite that engaged in trade with the surface for what additional supplies it wants.

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    Hmm... Hitchhiker's? Might be fun.

    I just mentioned John C. Wright's Golden Age trilogy in a different topic, so that's what floats to the top of my mind. As far as utopias go, it would be pretty neat.

    But maybe the real answer is that Jasper Fforde's Thursday Next series would allow me to pick ANY book, so why settle for just one?

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    I've been going back and forth on this since it was introduced. I finally made a pick, and it was a tough one.

    I would like to live in the worlds of Hyperion but before the action in the first two books. I am kind of cheating because that is not the books themselves, but the world in which they were based. I'd love to travel the River Tethys as it wanders across the planets and stroll the matching street that does the same (and whose name I cannot recall).

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    definitely Peter Hamilton's Nights Dawn universe
    pre-soul invasion
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    Sorry, I actually ignored this thread.

    But then it just occurred to me there is something I have thought about off and on for decades but it never occurred to me to even mention it to anyone.

    Rite of Passage by Alexei Panshin

    If I was an engineer on one of the ships. Leave the ship and go down to one of the colony planets and start advancing their technology. Spend a few years on the ship researching old manufacturing processes that would have to be used on a backward planet.

    But what would the ship people do?

    Sounds like a possible sequel. LOL


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