Just a little housekeeping, folks --

1) Try to keep the images at a manageable size smaller than 1200x800. Lots of folks are viewing the forums on laptops with somewhat smaller screens and some of us even pop in on our smart phones.

2) Give a quick look-over of the thread before posting a new image to be sure the one you want to post hasn't been posted already. Ahem...Vinge's Children of the Sky (This is coming from somebody who is guilty of the crime himself, no cookies for me!)

3) Try not to pull the cover again in a response when quoting, MOST especially if you are responding directly below the cover/image you like.

A recent cover I quite like is Stephan Martinieri's cover for David Weber's hokey but fun Out of the Dark:

Also like Picacio's cover for Ian McDonald's Planesrunner publishing shortly with Pyr: