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    The Omen Machine - Anyone here going to read it?

    I just got an email that included a link to some info about the pending release of The Omen Machine. I read a few of this series several years ago but became annoyed by some of the 'preachy', incongruous, monologues from the main character about private enterprise and such. I admit I did not finish the series and so am not in a position to judge the series. For those of you who had the fortitude to get through the series... is The Omen Machine a book you are looking forward to reading?
    Part of the reason I ask is that when I walked away from this series before I next read Game of Thrones, then poured through the next 3 in that series. Then I read Abercombie's Best Served Cold then attacked the First Law series with relish, Lynch's The Lies of Locke Lamora, Sanderson's Mistborn Series, and a few other things. The transition I made before from Goodkind to Martin, Abercrombie, Sanderson, and Lynch was like a shot of steroids to my desire to read. These books and authors energized me to the genre and I have been ripping through many other authors, series, and stand-alones since. My concern is this... if leaving Goodkind and finding those writers to be so compelling would it be a huge mistake to bounce out of A Dance with Dragons to give Goodkind another try? It could be that those authors I mentioned have energized me to the genre to the point that I would perhaps enjoy Goodkind more than I did before... OR ... they may have spoiled me in a way that will make me dislike Goodkind's story and Richard Rahl even more than I did before. Anyone in a similar situation?
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