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    Aside from the Inchoroi duo, The Consult...

    ...members are all ancient humans rendered "immortal" by the same kind of Tekne as the Nonmen, if I understand things correctly. So, am I alone in suspecting that these humans are, ironically, less beset by mental problems than the Nonmen? I mean, sure, it must be a bit of a drag watching millenia pass by in the distasteful company of Aurang and Aurax, but it seems to me that The Consult would pose rather less of a threat were it run by a bunch of lunatics smearing themselves with feces while hiding from the wicked broomstick monster, or some such.

    I'm not completely sure why I broached this subject. I guess it could have something to do with the fact that I regard the Nonmen as one of the most fascinating races created within the fantasy genre, and found it interesting that humans likely trump them in this particular field. No doubt the explanation is that humans are too dull to go cuckoo, compared to the more fashionable Nonmen whose psyches are akin to some hoity-toityly exquisite glass figurine.

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    its a really good question.
    And i believe itís Kellhusís ultimate goal. Immortality, what else could be his reasons ?
    He acquires what he wants by controlling the situation, his tool is the great ordeal.
    Will he share this ability if he gets it?, i doubt it.
    Iíd love to hear more about the human aspect of the Consult, hopefully we will in the next book.

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