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Thread: Sharon Shinn

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    Originally posted by Rachel
    I read Lickiss' Eccentric Circles and didn't enjoy it very much ... it was certainly light and at times had the potential of being fun, but a lot of the time I was just annoyed by it. :lol:
    I know exactly what you mean...I read Eccentic after I finished Never After and was disappointed. *l* It was annoying in parts. NA was a much better effort. :-)

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    Well, I'll have to give Never After a try then.

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    Well, Rachel already knows this from other boards, but here goes:
    I've read The Shape-Changer's Wife and Archangel so far and I must admit, I was less than impressed. Both books felt very unoriginal and and predictable. Also, although I like a bit of romance in my SFF, neither of them worked for me in these books. I also found some of Archangel to not make any sense, but I won't say what because it's a spoiler. I do plan on reading Shinn's other books though. Maybe those two books just didn't come together because they were her first two.

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    Well, I've said it before and I'll say it again. You need to read Summers at Castle Auburn.

    A new Sharon Shinn book from her Angel trilogy is coming out in March, I think. Called Miranda or something. I posted info about it on another board but I'm too lazy to dig it up right now.

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    there be dragons
    It's called Angelica.

    One of the many books I am waiting for - all of them to be published during March and April.

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    Ah. Well, I knew it was a name of some sort.

    As an update -- Quaisior recently read Summers at Castle Auburn and and says that she really enjoyed it.

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    I read "the Shape-Changer's Wife" and I liked the low-key, straightforward writing. It was well worth it.

    Will get some more of her books. Thanks


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    Some Sharon Shinn news -- The Shape-Changer's Wife is going to be reprinted in August.

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    I started reading Troubled Waters. I got pretty far and the reading was OK but...
    Not a lot is happpening and I am getting a Pride and Prejudice in fantasyland vibe.
    I have two books right under it on my nightstand so kind of hard to continue.

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    I love her. Loved the Archangel/Samaria books but actually preferred the 12 Houses series.

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    Yay for thread necromancy

    I only read Summers in Castle Auburn and found it ok, but too predictable (it's really more of a YA book). I'm hoping to read Archangel at some point.

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    She has a new book coming out in April -- The Shape of Desire. It got a starred review from PW.

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    One more vote.

    I reckon her best work is The Shape-Changer's Wife; I say that because it deals with with adults in an adult way. Her Samaria books are sort of OK, but I think they started better than they went on. Heart of Gold was, I thought, toxic, just a crude, naive, heart-on-sleeve treatment of obvious material in an obvious way. Summers at Castle Auburn is not listed (on her site) with her YA stuff, but surely ought to be--a teen girl's book.

    More generally, her work seems with passing time to morph ever further into romance with a vaguely sfnal turn.

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