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Thread: C.S. Lewis

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    Perelandra is the most consistently "Christian." said jfclark. Hardly a surprise - Lewis wrote the book "Mere Christianity".

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    Yeah thats true... Actually amazingly at one time he was an athiest.

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    Chronicles of Narnia - will re-read soon, loved these as a child.

    The "Space Trilogy" - read these about two years ago, and thoroughly enjoyed them.

    His books on Christianity - religion-wise, I'm a non-practising Byzantine Catholic, and I read them a while ago. They're very non-denomenational and non-preachy, so are a worthwhile read if you hope to gain a better understanding of Lewis' other books.

    The Screwtape Letters - I actually haven't read this yet, but it comes highly recommended by my grandmother, and I looked it over the other day and it looks quite good.

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    I went to a play recently that was an imaginary meeting between Lewis and Freud during which they discuss religion (truth vs. myth). In the program Lewis was described as a chistian apologist which made me think of Chesterton and sure enough Lewis refered to Chesterton in the play.

    I never read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and have only seen parts of the movie while flipping through the TV stations. When you read the book is the "christian allegory" aspect of the book obvious? How about the sequels?

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    Yes and no. I think that Aslan as 'the redeemer' isn't instantly picked up on. However, Aslan's
    sacrificial death and resurrection
    is a dead giveaway.

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