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    old sci-fi paperbacks '38-'71

    I recently have come accross 88 old science fiction paperbacks (Amazing Stories- Nov.'38, Feb. & June '39, Thrilling Wonder Stories- Feb & April '39, Doc Savage-May '38 & Jan.'42, Startling Stories- Nov.'48, Analog- '61-65, Astounding Science Fiction-'45-59, and various other titles ranging from '40-71.Authors included are Frank Herbert, Isaac Asimov, Ray Radbury, Poul Anderson, A.E.van Vogt, L.Sprague de Camp, Arthur C. Clark,L. Ron Hubbard, Harry Harrison, Eric Frank Russell, James Blish,ed Earl Repp, and many more that I have never heard of but you may have. If interested in any or all contact me through the Private Messaging system here at SFFWorld.
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