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    Short Story collections/anthologies with primarly traditional fantasy settings

    I know the Legend books do this as well as Years Best Fantasy and Horror (to a certain degree) but are there any other anthologies that focus primarily on traditional fantasy?

    I know "traditional fantasy" can be a gray and subjective area, but for the purpose of this thread, I mean, medieval setting, magic, swords, traditional fantasy characters and creatures.

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    This one is a reprint anthology coming out soon from Tachyon, lots of big genre names:

    For some variety, try the Warriors anthology edited by Martin and Dozois.

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    Marion Zimmer Bradley's Sword & Sorceress series is up to something like 25 volumes now. I've fallen behind in reading them since they had a bit of a hiatus following MZB's death, but I always enjoyed the variety in the ones I did read.

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    If you're willing to go to the Swords 'n' Sorcery end of fantasy, there are the Ballantine collections of Robert E. Howard's Conan stories. There's also Midnight Sun that collects all the stories of Kane by Karl Edward Wagner. That one might be difficult to find, in spite of an SFBC edition.

    This is tough because most collections and anthologies I've seen have a mix of fantasy stories or concentrate on various types of fantasy (Weird Tales style, Unknown style, urban fantasy, S&S, etc.). For instance, while David Drake's "The Barrow Troll" comes to mind, it's in Balefires, a collection that includes s.f. and horror. And, too, most of the writers from the 1970s on who concentrated on epic/heroic/Tolkein-esque/pick-today's-descriptive focused mainly on the novel.

    Perhaps a bit more toward epic fantasy would be collections by Lord Dunsany. There seem to have been a bazillion of them over the years, but most that I've seen have a mix of high fantasy and fantasy set in or near Dunsany's time period.

    There's also the anthology, Tales Before Tolkein edited by Douglas Anderson and published by Ballantine/Del Rey. How "traditional" that is, I can't say since I haven't read the entire book.

    There's also Giant Bones, stories taking placein the same world as The Innkeeper's Song by Peter Beagle. That may be closer to what you're asking for, but Beagle doesn't write in the bigger-than-life tradition of Tolkein and later epic writers. There's also Harrowing the Dragon, a collection by Patricia McKillop; I've only read "Lady of the Skulls" (a terrific short story), so I can't say if the entire collection is what you're looking for.

    Randy M.

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