Hello all -

It's been shamefully long since I was last here, and I'm kind of amazed that you die-hards are still posting. Good to see you all Pellinoring away, after all this time! Anyway, I thought I'd let you know about some updates.

1. I've just uploaded a new book to Amazon Kindle. Before you get all excited: no, it's not a new Pellinor book. It's a fantasy adventure for younger readers, probably 9-12, rather more Roald Dahl than Tolkien, called JIMMY WONDERSPOON. But I think it's pretty cute. (If any of you want to petition Miyazake to make a film out of it, be my guest - I think it would be perfect!)

It's a book I wrote ages ago for my daughter, and which nobody has been much interested in publishing. And a couple of days ago I thought, why not post it on Amazon Kindle as an ebook? And voila, there it is! I've made a page with details, so if you're interested - or if you have young friends or relatives who might like it - you can find out where to buy it here.

2. BLACK SPRING, my new stand-alone fantasy, is all signed up and systems are go. It is still ages and ages away, I'm afraid - it won't be coming out in Australia until next Christmas, and in the UK and the US after that. Sometimes it's frustrating how long the business of getting a book out takes. The book already feels like old news to me, and it won't be published for a year! I am, however, VERY excited about this one, which is a dark Gothic romance. I've always wanted to write a Gothic story.

I'm writing hard, on all sorts of things. As far as novels go, I'm working on a story at present (another stand-alone) with a very appealing girl hero called Sim. She's the major reason I want to finish it, I can't leave her unfinished! And I have an idea for an adult fantasy which is nagging away at me. So there will be more. In due course. Maybe I'll just start self-publishing out of impatience!

Lots of Pellinor love