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    Quote Originally Posted by jelder View Post
    Wow - It's called social marketing and it's the way of the world now. Get used to it and maybe get some sleep.
    It's not allowed here. I will say martie was perhaps a little out of line, but we don't really allow authors to join here for the sole purpose of trying to gain sales.

    This is a discussion site, not an ad-board.

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    Sci Fi Thrillers

    My apologies. Sales were never my intention in this group. It was just a simple mention of the name. I don't even mention it in my profile, as others have. The truth is I'm trying to set up a website with a stockpile of links to great reviews of SciFi Thrillers, because I enjoy them so much. I'm just trying to gather other peoples' opinions of books in that genre, preferably recent releases. There's great SciFi out there, but it's hard from the reviews to pick out Sci Fi with specific elements of a thriller in it.

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    Great Sci Fi Thrillers, Daemon and Freedom by Daniel Suarez.

    Awesome books, I'd love to see a third.

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    I am not sure how close these books are to what you intended but anyway.

    Jeff Somers - The electric church (and sequels)

    David Louis Edelman - Infoquake (and probably its sequels in the Jump 225 trilogy) more of a business SF thriller.

    K.W. Jeter - Blade runner 2: the edge of human a sequel of sorts to the film, more than the Dick story if I remember correctly.

    Johnatan Lethem - Gun, with occasional music

    David J Williams - Mirrored heavens (at the special forces side of the spectrum)

    Walter Jon Williams - Metropolitan

    ETA: Alastair Reynolds - The Prefect

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    Quote Originally Posted by beedle View Post
    Cheers for the reccommendations! I've got a decent list to work through now.

    Ordered Leviathan Wakes and Veteran from the library, and grabbed Death's Head at the same time- should keep me going over the weekend
    I consider myself picky, and I couldn't put this book down.

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