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    Joe Abercrombie Short story query

    Hey Everyone

    I was looking though Joe's wikipedia page when I found mention of this short story "Yesterday, Near A Village Called Barden". Apparently it was present in some copies of "The Heroes" from Waterstone UK.

    So is this short story present in every Gollancz HC book or was it released as a chapbook exclusively by Waterstone? Anybody who knows more about this? Thanks


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    Ah, yes, I know something about this.

    Waterstones had 5,000 hardback copies with the story bound in at the end. That's the only place you can get it right now. Or perhaps could get it, as they've probably sold most of them. It'll probably go out along with the enhanced e-book, as and when that happens, hopefully soon...

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    Thanks for the info Joe So looks like it will be a bit difficult to get my hands on one of those Waterstone copies. I guess I'll make do with a regular one.


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