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    Main character development with a twist

    I'm looking for a different style than the usual boy grows up to fight the evil bad guy. I still want the whole from boy to adulthood growth with or without a certain mentor that helps the main character grow. But is there anything where that main character while growing up kind of skews toward being amoral? Or at the very least not quite the good guy you would expect. Picture Taming Fire by Aaron Pogue with the main character growth but not following the "good guy" path everyone expects of him. He doesn't have to be a bad guy (though that would be a plus) but maybe being the "good guy" isn't what the main character really wants and instead thinks for himself and solves the problems at hand his own way (which is to say killing people or doing things a normal good guy wouldn't).

    I'm finding it hard to find novels like this and in general well written bad guys normally turn up in epic fantasies that have several point of views. I'm looking for more single main character style. Prince of Thorns was very well done in my mind and pretty much exactly what I'm looking for.

    Any help for me finding books like this would be great.

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    It's been done many times, but one alternative is for the boy to grow up in the slums and reach adulthood with few morals ( in part because he's been surrounded by bad company and bad examples all of his life), becoming a man who must live by his wits, outside the law, if he wishes to continue to live at all.

    Most recently, a variation of this has been done effectively in The Laws of Locke Lamora.

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