A friend of mine was asked to donate or draw of few "parody-ish" caricatures of the actors/characters from Game of Thrones. There are no copyright issues since it is art and it is caricature or parodies of characters. The titles of the books etc will not be on the print. It is for a university sci-fi fundraiser or something.

In any event, they will most likely be framed prints.

Since she is familiar with the series but not an obsessed fan, she asked me to help her out a bit.

Her first one will be Tyrion (Peter Dinklage).

For simplicity's sake she can just draw Tyrion in his Lannister armor with some landscape or a castle as a backdrop. Big goofy head, small body type drawing.

But for some fun, I suggested she put each character in a sports uniform or something - like Tyrion is in a softball jersey - bat in hand, with a Casterly Rock Jersey on, crimson/gold. With a can of "direwolf beer" in his other hand and maybe a sign in the outfield of "Seven Kingdoms Beer League" or something.

Assuming collectors and fans of fantasy and sci-fi would show up to this event which annually gets high attendance, locally, what would you, fans of the show prefer...or neither.

Either way she is going to draw caricatures, just trying to have some fun with it.

If this thread has to be moved to art, I apologize, I figured I would get better responses, here, if any.