Young adult novels heating up the charts
Publishers, stores embracing trend
That is the headline and subhead of a Boston Globe article today. It says that YA is the new source of bestsellers, in part because adults are reading them too. Then it goes into some questionable theorizing about why.

Recently my Barnes & Noble bookstore moved the sci-fi/fantasy section back and the YA section forward. I've noticed that the selection of teen books seems to be getting larger and more of them are in hardbacks. And I'm beginning to see more writers of popular adult fiction putting out YA fiction.

YA books have been bare of what I think of as "real" SF - stories where advanced tech and science are important parts of the stories. Most teen SF is post-apocalyptic or steam punk - apparently teens are not smart enough to handle the hard stuff!

The one shining counter-example, to my mind, is David Weber's A Beautiful Friendship. It was placed on the Teen's New & Exciting table when it first came out, and is now in the New Teen part of B&N's YA shelves. It is billed as "A stellar introduction to a new YA science-fiction series." and subtitled "A Star Kingdom Novel" on its cover.

It makes me wonder if the next Shapechanger title I plan to put up on Amazon should be classified as YA. Which it is for the first third or half of my book, until my heroine gets into her late teens and early twenties. Here is how I bill it on my Web site.

Until she died, 17-year-old Sasha Canaro was bound for the Olympics. Recovering from death, she finds she is an immortal shapechanger, faster and many times stronger than an ordinary human.

Competition in the Olympics would now be no competition. The goal she had aimed for since she was five would be boringly easy. What goal can she replace it with? Fighting crime, perhaps? There is plenty of it.

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So what about you? Planning to write some YA books perhaps?