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    Reading Jack McDevitt's Polaris. Not deep, not particularly meaningful.... but fun.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellions View Post
    I finished The Clone Republic by Steven L. Kent, first book in a military SF series of seven. It was a fairly entertaining action-packed affair which suffers a bit from weak characters and bland worldbuilding.
    I read a middle book in this series (Book 4 The Clone Elite) a couple of years ago and enjoyed it. Nothing super-ground-groundbreaking but enjoyable and entertaining enough that I'd read the previous installments. This seems like a series that Ace should Omnibify.

    I'm about halfway through Shadow OPS:Control Point by Myke Cole and liking it thus far. Oddly, I'm sympathizing much more with a character who seems to be an antagonist at this point rather than the protagonist.

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