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    Alien Invasion forces surviving humans to live in the cold polar regions.

    Hello all,

    About 20 years ago I read a science fiction novel (maybe a short story) that my memory tells me is called 'Xeno' but all of my searches have thus far been failures. I remember the word xeno as it got me interested in (ancient) greek as a teenager.
    I seem to recall that it starts off with teenagers in Alaska (location unknown till the end of the story) going to a class about an alien critter (I don't think it was actually intelligent but it may have been).
    The story then jumps to 'present day' and tells of the invasion of earth by these alien critters who fly/glide and suck blood or poison their vistims. I remember a scene where a specimen is captured and kept in a fish tank/terrarium.
    Eventually the humans realise they can't fight the aliens and move to cold places where the aliens can't survive.
    The story ends with one of the main characters as an old/er man telling the teenagers from the opening scene about the invasion. I have a strong recollection of the teenagers looking at a map which depicted most of the United States as being infested.

    Anyways, given all of the details I've been able to remember (I hope they are right), I'm hoping someone will be able to help me out with the title and author.

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    There's a novel called Xeno by D F Jones which involves aeroplanes going missing followed by an invasion by blood sucking, flying, insect-like aliens - but I don't remember any Alaskan setting.

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    Thank you muchly for the response.

    As I had mentioned, I was pretty sure that the novels name was Xeno but googling it with the author's name revealed nothing.

    As for the Alaskan setting, it wasn't a big aspect of the story, just a part that stuck in my memory.

    Anyways, once again thanks.

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