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    Favourite Gap Series Character

    The Gap Series by Thomas Covenant have many memorable characters. There were funny characters and ones so mean they made you sick. So which one was your favourite?

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    I dug nick succorso. he struck me as being an evil han solo type. he was cooler than the others.

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    Yeah, he was pretty cool, although he was as evil as sh!t.
    I liked Vector Shaheed and Hashi Lebwohl they were just comical to me, though not in the normal sense.

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    Angus Thermopyle... After he was given the rather drastic makeover by Warden Dios and Hashi Lebwohl. The robotic version was, well, COOL (I'm sorry, no other word will do!). To top it off he actually was the only one with something like a conscience (even if it was programmed!) And Morn Hyland, well her resources, her inner strength continued to amaze me in book after book.

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    Got to add my 2 cents, I do not really have a favorite character, I just love all the books. I really enjoy Donaldson's writing style, the pages turn themselves for me.

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