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    Quote Originally Posted by Cononomous View Post
    Also, think of MC position. She's your POV, now is she going to understand it 'had been thrown' given her minute understanding of the situation? 'Was' fits, because the latch is locked. Setting up past perfect tense doesn't do anything to help the text translate its message.
    But it's not a POV.

    And even if it were then how does she know the bolt has been thrown at all? There could be a chair jammed under the handle, a million tins of tuna stacked against it, or an elephant sitting with its back to the door.

    She doesn't know. All she knows is the door won't open.

    The author knows and is telling us it's the bolt - and if the author is telling us as an omniscient narrator then he is perfectly entitled to tell who, how, where, when, and why the bolt was thrown if he wants.
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