Greetings! I am new to SF lit. and am in need of some good advice on some titles to check out, mostly space operas. Now I'm a big anime fan and I love Sci-fi and as Iíve come to find out specifically Space Opera and I love to read so I thought "Why not try some sci-fi novels?", to be honest the sci-fi section at B&N scares me hahaha, so I had another thought "Why not try a sci-fi forum?" so here I am! So to help show what I like here are some of the anime space opera titles I like (Sorry if they aren't exactly Space Opera):

-Space Captain Harlock
-Galaxy Express 999 (the movie)
-Crest & Banner of the Stars
-Mobile Suit Gundam (the original movie trilogy)
-Cowboy Bebob
And I love the Original Star Wars trilogy (granted not anime but still space opera)

So any and all recommendations would be great and really helpful! Please and Thank you!